Friday, November 21, 2008

What do they do?

What is lesbian sex? What do lesbians do? Many people seem totally unable to imagine what two women could do together. As a public service, this article seeks to enlighten readers on the subject of lesbian sex. This is not meant to be prurient but simply to inform. Heterosexuals might use some of this information to enhance their own sex lives. Remember, these activities are enjoyed by different women and at different times.

Why do people seem to have so much difficulty figuring out lesbian sex? One reason might be that some people (but not most women) think that a woman must be penetrated by a penis to enjoy full sex. There are many crude comments by men about or to lesbians that allude to this false belief. This, of course, is not true.

Lesbians tend to be much more whole body sexual than do most heterosexuals. Hugging from head to toe, kissing and caressing the entire body is very common. The average time for lovemaking between lesbians is 90 minutes as opposed to 20 minutes for heterosexuals. Lesbians have more orgasms than their heterosexual sisters do, which is not surprising given that women need more time to become fully aroused but when they do they can keep going.

When people imagine lesbian sex, the most common image is that of mutual masturbation. This is never or almost never practiced. One woman may insert two or three fingers into her partner while keeping a thumb on her partner's clitoris. She moves her fingers inside her lover and her thumb on her clitoris. She may be moving against her lover's thigh.

Another practice is called tribidism and an old term for lesbians is Tribids. This is a fancy word for mutually rubbing, or grinding against each other's genitals. This can go all the way to orgasm but is most frequently part of "foreplay."

I have put "foreplay" in parenthesis because it really is not a part of lesbian sex. It is meant to warm up the partners for intercourse and since lesbians are not goal oriented while making love, the concept of "foreplay" doesn't have much meaning.

Probably the most beloved practice is oral sex. One partner concentrates on pleasuring the other and this gives her great pleasure also.

Becoming more and more common is the dildo with strap on. Dildos have been around for a long time. All archeological digs turn them up and the diary of Ann Lister, a Tom (butch) in early 19th century England mentions them. The dildo wearer inserts the dildo through a hole in the strap on and snugs it in with a ring. The strap has a base, which rubs against the wearer's clitoris thus stimulating her as she moves against her partner.

These are the most common practices of lesbian sex. The most important idea is that lesbian sex involves the whole body. While the sex is sometimes urgent and fast, most times it is slow and takes its time. Heterosexual lovers can take these tips from lesbians and enhance their own lovemaking.

Christmas NBA

The NBA schedule for the 2008-2009 season has been released, and the primary thing that should be noticed, is that there will be 5 games played on December 25th this year. In a stark change from past years, the National Basketball Association is pulling out all the stops with a full line-up of games to celebrate Christmas.

Immediately brought to mind, is that the holiday has been for years considered a football day, where you could normally see a Detroit Lions or Dallas Cowboys game while the Turkey was being cooked. It is pretty obvious that the NBA wants to do battle in both the ratings and with sports fans as they have loaded up the Christmas Day line-up with a veritable smorgasbord of offerings. A day that was once dominated by football watching could soon become a split of the ratings bonanza on a day where typical programming is relegated to either only sporting events, news, re-hashed Christmas specials, or It's a Wonderful Life.

According to the NBA schedule, the games will get started at 12pm Eastern (9am Pacific) with the Orlando Magic hosting the New Orleans Hornets. Olympic team members Dwight Howard (ORL) and Chris Paul (NO) get to face off in what will be a great match-up. ABC will be hosting a double-header over on their network, starting with the San Antonio Spurs playing the Phoenix Suns. This will pit Tim Duncan (SA) against Shaquille O'Neal and Steve Nash (PHO) in what will probably be a playoff preview. That game is followed on ABC by a re-match of this years NBA Finals, with the Boston Celtics traveling to Los Angeles to play the Lakers.
Finally, over on TNT, Gilbert Arenas and the Washington Wizards will travel to play the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James, followed by the Dallas Mavericks traveling to Portland to play the Trailblazers. Certainly this is going to be a day packed with games, and with many channels to choose from, it is going to be a big day in sports. Not only that, but the schedule makers were nice enough to give fans the superstar treatment, with many of the best players in the game all playing on the same day. This is a good move by the NBA, and maybe a sign that the league really wants to head in the right direction after some off-season hiccups. One thing is for sure though, this Christmas we are all getting basketball as a present.