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global warming

During these contemporary times and through the increase in public awareness of global warming, one can determine that through information such as An Inconvenient Truth and newspaper articles society shows an increased need to protect the environment and reduce the amounts of greenhouse gasses in th
e environment. The increased awareness can be seen in the polls as well; the topic of interest for all politicians is global warming.

The priority within national, United States Politics, is that of global warming. The candidates from both parties know that with the upcoming election in 2008 there will need to be plans to outline and help ease some of the energy usage by Americans. American is the number one producer of green house gases; slowly people are seeing the importance on a reduction of these gases. The public, however, is reflecting traditional party views. The democrats are more in favor of change than the republicans. Former President Al Gore, while doing a show on public radio, announced that the primary issue come November 2008 will be global warming, and the next administration must be greener than any other (Agence France-Presse).

What exactly is climate change and global warming? During the past 100 years the earth has raised one-degree. Within the science community there is some disagreement as the whether or not the change is caused by humans, accelerated by humans, or if this is simply a natural cycle of the earth. The school of thought is the greenhouse effect. Emissions and other gases rise to the higher atmosphere, these gases are known as greenhouse gases, which then hold in energy. This energy then makes the earth warmer. The increased temperature contributes to climate change, which is the long term weather patterns and temperatures of the earth (Climate Change).
It is important to remember that the greenhouse effect is not a bad thing. The effect is used to keep the earth warm enough to survive and sustain life. The main problem is the rapid acceleration of the greenhouse effect through the increased amounts of the greenhouse gases. Global warming must b
e a significant change in temperature in a short period of geologic time (Grabinowski).

There have been many observations made about the current climate situation, from 1906 to 2006 and they include (Grabinowski):

• Of the last 12 years, 11 have ranked among the warmest years since 1850.

• The ocean's temperature has increased at lest to depths of 3,000 meters; the ocean absorbs more than 80 percent of all head added to the climate system.

• Westerly winds are growing stronger.

• Droughts are more intense, have lasted longer and covered larger areas than in the past.

• There have been changes in extreme temperatures - hot days and heat waves have become more frequent, yet cool days and nights have become less frequent.

• In increase in Atlantic tropical storm intensity directly correlating to the ocean's surface temperature.

Why is global warming such a big problem, and why is more not being done? People fear things when the scientific community speaks. The motives for not going green are purely economic. The fear of a loss of jobs since there would not be as much of a need. The other thing is that there would be less revenue for the government and large industry, seeing as how gasoline has become just like the cash crops were during colonial times. Global warming cannot be stopped, yet we can reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere (Grabianowski).

How can you make a difference within the global community to help stop global warming? The main thing that people can do is to reduce the overall emissions within the global, national, and local comm unities. People are able to commute in groups, car pools. Car pools can take four cars off the road. If you pick up three people in a car pool you take those three cars off the road. Less cars means less congestion, less congestion means less traffic, and less traffic means less time idling and still releasing emissions. We are also able to help by recycling and reducing the amount of landfill pollutants. If items are recycled they are reused and not turned into waste, which produces greenhouse gases we protect the atmosphere even more. Even simple things like turning the lights out will help reduce overall admissions by ensuring there is less power being produced, and less gases from the factory being pumped into the air. Everyone is capable of solving global warming, thorough simple behavior changes and simple conservation ("We Can Make A Difference!").

In reality the solution is not to stop global warming, it is to get the natural system back in balance. We as a society must maintain the global scale, which is balanced. The greenhouse gases are necessary, and produced naturally, in order to keep the earth at a proper temperature. Ultimately, we can make minor changes. These changes help to influence the global politics. Though there is a minor threat to the economy, we must take into consideration the future of the humanity. Temperature changes can cause drastic changes and wipe out human existence, the goal is to protect us. Some people may lose their jobs, yet in the end the green market will open up for new jobs.

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Website Creation

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Meet sexy singles!

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There are several ways that you can use to create a website and its a few things you need to think about and decide for yourself before you start. Here is a bullet list in a few different options that you can use to create a website:

1) Creating Website using Software:

Example software is CoffeeCup, Microsoft Expression Web & Dreamweaver is very popular web design program if you prefer to build your website completely from scratch. You can also get various web templates you can download and edit yourself in these different programs ... But if you are inexperienced, it will most likely still be difficult to try such as search engine optimization and create your web pages exactly as you want them. That is to say I do not recommend this type of web design program if you are completely new and inexperienced in site where there is a time consuming learning process involved if you want to learn to create professional, attractive, search engine optimized websites.

2) Creating Website by entrusting SEO Website.

If your budget allows it, you can always hire an expert who knows how to create a professional website, and also how to optimize it so that different search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN will rank your website as high as possible for your most important keyword phrases. This option may cost some money, but if you can find someone who is clever, it may very well be worth it when you can earn a lot of money on your website is very attractive and that it also has a high ranking on the various search engines.

3) Creating Website using a Free Web Hosting

Personally, so I recommend that you get you a free web hosting, when this type of free websites are usually very limited. In the first, this usually offers free web hosting very limited disk sp ace and bandwidth for your website. It usually also be a limit to how many individual pages your site may contain. Another significant factor is that they tend to lack the functions necessary for you to have completed and search engine optimized title tags and Meta tags on each page on your website. And what is more, as a rule, as is usually also design potential to be enormously limited with most Web sites you can create completely free. Overall way so usually get what you pay for and history has proved that most web hosting companies that offer a free web hosting is also unreliable.

Something else to think about is that these different web hotels often have a lot of advertising on their clients' websites. That is to say, your website will include advertising or any other obligation imposed on you to get you to keep the website free of charge. It is among other things by offering ad space on customers' websites or that customers have a lot of ads in the Control Panel that this type of web hosting companies earn their money.

4) Website creation with the help of a Home Builder.

Some hosting companies offer a "Home Builder" which will make it much easier for you to quickly create a professional and search engine optimized website. This is really the best option for most when literally anyone can create an attractive and optimized website using a web builder. Please note that the site is based on the market is different good. There is some site builders includes far more features and many more attractive web templates you can use the. If this seems to be an option for you it is important that you find out what different web hosting company offers before you decide which web host to choose.

Which of the above options that suit you best depends primarily on your level of expertise, budget and the goal that you have with the home you want to create?

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Sexy Boots

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Meet sexy singles!

Meet sexy singles!

Meet sexy singles!

Meet sexy singles!

Wanna look sexy? Then slide your feet into a pair of “Thigh High Boots” that will give you an erotic look. Thigh high boots are one such flattering women footwear that give a sexy appeal. Well, girls love these boots a lot and yearn to have atleast a pair in their lifetime.

Revamp your look like sex-pixie women Madonna and Jennifer Lopez who are mostly seen wearing these boots. Do you know actually thigh high boots are said to be associated much with call girls? Can you guess why? Well, let me tell you, these flirtatious boots give girls very hot and sensuous appearance that tantalizes many men. If you wanna your sex appeal go through the roof, then pair your fulgent gams with these boots.

Do you love over-the-knee boots? Don’t get confused; over-the-knees boots are nothing but thigh high boots that raise over the knee and come upto the thighs. You can see many girls pairing these boots mostly to clubs and dance bars to appear alluring.

Craze for these sexy boots made the manufacturers design them in wide variety of models ranging from luscious stiletto to low heel thigh high boots. These adorable boots are available in different hues and perforations to give you a fashionable and seductive appearance. All you have to do is to select the perfect match for your outfit.

Dress up with sexy mini skirts and sleeves paired with thigh high boots to turn the pupil of all eyes at you in the crowd. How good it sounds to imagine you in a jersey mini dress paired with over-the-knee stiletto boots? Wow…you will look damn seductive! (Let your imaginations go wild). Hey another good outfit to match with these boots is long skirts. I love to wear long skirts with these sexy boots as it will drag a heck of attention towards you. Even jeans tucked with these fabulous boots will give you a cowgirl look that most girls love to appear.

So why not you try out a pair of these boots to make yourself appear sexy and make the men’s heart skip on you.

Top 10 Tallest in NBA

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1.) Manute Bol
Height: 7'7''   Weight: 225 Pounds
Manute Bol played 10 seasons in the NBA (1985-1995). He played for four different teams: Washington Bullets, Golden State Warriors, Miami Heat, and Philadelphia 76ers . He averaged 18.7 minutes played per game over his career, but only 4.2 rebounds and 2.6 points per game. Considering all he has to do is catch the ball and lay it into the basketball without jumping, how come he only averaged 2.6 points per game? He was known for his blocked-shot ability. He set a rookie record in his 1985-1986 rookie season blocking 397 shots. He is also tied for the most blocked shots in one-half with eleven and is tied for the most blocked shots for one quarter with eight, in which he accomplished twice. He still holds the record for most blocked shots per minute with (.176). He also played with Muggsy Bogues during the Bogues 1987 rookie season pairing the tallest and shortest players in NBA history in one season. He is also the only player in NBA history to block more shots then he has scored.

2.) Gheorghe Muresan
Height: 7'7''   Weight: 303 Pounds
Gheorghe Muresan played only 6 seasons in the NBA (1993-2000). He played for two different teams, the Washington Bullets and New Jersey Nets. He averaged 21.9 minutes per game over his career, but only 6.4 rebounds and 9.8 points per game. Another big man, yet a fairy low rebounds/per game average. Some of you might remember Gheorghe Muresan from the movie "My Giant" (1998), where he starred with Billy Crystal and Kathleen Quinlan.                                         

3.) Yao Ming
Height: 7'6''   Weight: 310 Pounds
Yao Ming played 6 full seasons and is still currently in his 7th season in the NBA (2002-Present). He has played for the Houston Rockets his whole career in the NBA. He averaged 32.6 minutes per game, while ripping down 9.2 rebounds and scoring 19 points per game till this day. Unlike the 2 tallest centers in the NBA, Yao Ming has been a workhorse and knows how to tally a stat sheet and is the only player in the top 10 tallest NBA players that is still playing.                                                                     

4.) Shawn Bradley
Height: 7'6''   Weight: 275 Pounds
Shawn Bradley played 12 seasons (1993-2005). He has played for three different teams:Philadelphia 76ers, New Jersey Nets, and Dallas Mavericks, where he spent the majority of his career. He averaged 23.5 minutes, 6.3 rebounds and 8.1 points per game during his career. Although he did average 2.5 blocks per game over his career, he has been known for a "Giant" who got dunked on many time.

5.) Chuck Nevitt
Height: 7'5''   Weight:250 Pounds
Chuck Nevitt played 9 seasons in the NBA (1982-1994). He did not play in 3 seasons over the 12 years of his career. He played for five teams throughout his career: Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers, Detroit Pistons, Chicago Bulls, and San Antonio Spurs. He did not play more then 45 games in any season and just averaged 5.3 minutes, 1.5 rebounds, and 1.6 points per game throughout his career. Throughout his career he basically got play time during garbage minutes meaning his team usually had a big lead or was down to much to make a comeback, especially in Detroit. While in Detroit, the fans called Detroit's blow-outs, when Nevitt was able to get his minutes, "Nevitt Time". His nine seasons of minutes played totaled up to be about the length of 18 full NBA games.                  

6.) Slavko Vranes
Height: 7'5''   Weight: 275 Pounds
Slavko Vranes only played three minutes in one game with the Portland Trailblazers during his entire NBA career (2003-2004). He was drafted by the New York Knicks in 2003, but was released during the season, not playing one minute of any Knicks game. The Portland Trailblazers signed him a month after his release from the New York Knicks to a 10-day contract, where he played his only three minutes in the NBA. 

7.) Mark Eaton
Height: 7'4''   Weight: 290 Pounds
Mark Eaton played 11 seasons in the NBA (1982-1993) and spent his whole career with the Utah Jazz. He averaged 28.8 minutes, 7.9 rebounds, and 6.0 points per game throughout his career. Mark Eaton was known for being a monster on defense averaging 3.5 blocks per game over his career and during his third season in the NBA he averaged a whopping 5.6 blocks per game. 

8.) Rik Smits
Height: 7'4''   Weight: 265 Pounds
Rik Smits played 12 seasons in the NBA (1988-2000). Just like Mark Eaton, Rik Smits played his NBA career with one team, the Indiana Pacers. He averaged 26.6 minutes played, 6.1 rebounds, and 14.8 points scored per game during his career. Similar to Ralph Sampson and Mark Eaton, Rik Smits has had very a productive career.                                            

9.) Ralph Sampson
Height: 7'4''   Weight: 235 Pounds
Ralph Simpson played 9 seasons in the NBA (1983-1992). He played for four different teams: Houston Rockets, (where he spent the first half of his career), Golden State Warriors, Sacramento Kings, and Washington Bullets. He averaged 29.8 minutes played, 8.8 rebounds, and 15.4 points per game throughout his NBA career. He was teammates with another 7-foot player ,Hakeem Olajuwon, they were nicknamed the "Twin Towers".Throughout the middle of his career he battled knee injuries because of his big frame and when he was traded for the Rockets he was never able to stay healthy for a full season of games battling with knee and back injuries.                       

10.) Priest Lauderdale
Height: 7'4''   Weight: 325 Pounds
Priest Lauderdale only played 2 seasons in the NBA (1996-1998). He played one season with the Atlanta Hawks and one season with the Denver Nuggets. During his two-year career in the NBA, he averaged 7.1 minutes, 1.9 rebounds, and 3.4 points. After he left the NBA, he went to play basketball in Bulgaria.

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Have you ever wondered, what makes a car a supercar?

Asking what makes a car super is like asking, what makes a woman beautiful - everyone has its own opinion.

A term supercar was coined to describe extremely expensive, extremely beautiful and extremely fast cars. But the proper use of this term is often subjective and disputed, especially among enthusiasts. There is no clear definition of what characteristics a car must have to be a supercar. What constitutes a supercar is often a matter of opinion. Also, the use of the term is heavily dependent on the era - a car that is considered to be a supercar at one time may lose its superiority in the future.

It is also important to know that the term supercar refers to factory-built, usually unmodified, street-legal cars. Heavily modified and potentially street - illegal vehicles do not fall into the supercar category. Supercars are not muscle cars or tuned up sports cars. And there is no such thing as a cut price supercar.

A supercar is a car that combines speed, handling, unique design and represents the pinnacle of the automaker's art. Supercar is the car equivalent of a supermodel or a race horse. There are, off course, some basic criteria for measuring whether a car should be considered a supercar or not. Things to consider: design, acceleration, top speed, handling, power-to-weight ratio, style, rarity, price - all of these has to be super in a supercar.

Want an example? Here is a prime example of a supercar - The Bugatti Veyron.

The Bugatti Veyron is currently (2007) the most expensive (around $1.5 million) and fastest fully street legal car in the world. The Guinness Book of World Records included Bugatti Veyron under the heading - Fastest Production Car. With 1001 horsepower this supercar champion features all the most recent automotive advancements and is able to achieve a top speed of 253 mph (407km/h). This is faster than any production car ever made, it's actually faster than Formula 1 cars. Supercars are not just fast, they are blazingly fast.

Other supercars include: Koenigsegg CCX, Pagani Zonda, McLaren F1, Saleen S7 Twin Turbo, Enzo Ferrari, Lamborghini Murcielago and so on.

On the fun side, if you ever doubt whether a car is a supercar or not, consider this: A car might be a supercar if - you have a wallpaper or a poster of it, it's worth more than your house, you drool when you see one, it can break the speed limit in 1st gear, you will probably never own one, but if you do, you would never give the keys to the valet.

In conclusion, a supercar is a car that changes your idea of what a car is and what a car can do.

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With more and more communications companies developing their own methods of high speed internet and television transmission, it should come as no surprise that Verizon has jumped on as well. The company has begun to roll out it's massive FiOS program. Which seeks to provide consumers with amazingly fast (roughly 50 megabytes a second) internet service and crystal clear high definition television. Rather than finding a way to shove more information at greater speeds through the existing copper wires used by most companies, Verizon seeks to accomplish this by replacing the existing wires with fiber-optic cables, which are much faster. The downside, however, is that these are also very expensive to install, with an estimated cost of $700 per home. Reactions to this have been mixed, and many are wondering if the costly move by Verizon is going to pay off for them, or if it is going to end up costing them money in the long run.

In regards to strategy, this is a perfect example to study the inner-workings of Verizon and find out what is going on with the company. One of Verizon's chief goals has always been innovation, and the company spends roughly seventeen billion a year on developing new products and strategies. Verizon has done repeated analysis of this move, and their planning has showed that even though FiOS may be costly in the short term, it has the potential for long term gains down the road. The company is attempting to move further away from traditional communication methods, and has begun to drop off in providing land line phone service (which will eventually be phased out entirely). To this end, the FiOS maneuver fits perfectly. Verizon plans to gain a competitive strategy advantage over their competition (AT&T primarily) by being the first to use new technology. It is a major resource investment for the company, and not one without risks, but Verizon is attempting to be a first-mover in their market, and the move does fit with their growth strategies.
Verizon has always been a company that has attempted to innovate. Although some of their recent actions have definitely left their customers and investors a tad bit puzzled. To find an example of this, we need only look back at the Alltel merger debacle. Although it has still not been finalized, and there is no word yet on the stance that the government is taking on the matter, the merger has been viewed by most to be a questionable decision at best. Verizon has recently shown up behind AT&T in overall profits, and for the company to acquire another division, especially one that is already in high amounts of debt is not a financially savvy maneuver.

Personally, even though Verizon has made some questionable decisions in the past, the FiOS service really does seem as though it will pay off. The service is currently up over one million subscribers from the previous year, and has released to very positive reviews in the public. Of course, it is a major investment, and some analysts have speculated that Verizon has the potential to lose over six billion dollars if things do not go as planned. However, Verizon has always been a company whose strategy thrives on being the first and the fastest. I feel if they stick with the FiOS service, and fully commit their resources, it will turn out positive for both the company and their customers.


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Meet sexy singles!

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If you were an adult (or even a young adult) during the 1990's, you may now be wondering whatever happened to the Supermodel. Models such as Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, and Cindy Crawford ruled the runways and high fashion covers during this time. In fact, when one mentions the term 'supermodel', these are often the faces that come to mind. But over time the modeling industry seems to have gotten "watered down." There is certainly no shortage of models in the world. But for some reason or another, Supermodel Status evades them. So what has happened to this particular status? And furthermore, where has the Supermodel gone?

What is a supermodel anyway?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the supermodel as a famous and successful model. The most prominent criterion for being named a supermodel is that one must have some sort of celebrity status.

Anyone attempting to enter the modeling industry will tell you that becoming noticed by top agencies seems virtually impossible. The world of modeling can often be quite cold and ugly, with only a selected few being singled out for large campaigns and jobs. Surprisingly, the qualities that one had to have to be a "supermodel" aren't much terribly different than those one must have today. But there are some interesting reasons why this title is rarely bestowed on models currently in the business.

Models are no longer required to be "pretty."
The concept of what a model should look like has changed drastically over the years. At one time, blue-eyed blondes were all the rage. Eventually the world came to appreciate glamorous brunettes (like the late Gia Carangi), and eventually more attention turned to African-American models. The conditi ons for being a model were typically stringent, with ladies being required to adhere to strict physical proportions, while retaining their feminine curves. But over time, these standards evolved, and the subtle curves gave way to jutting hip bones, spindly legs, and bony shoulders. The faces once full of vigor, mischief, and seductiveness, began giving way to blank stares and disaffected expressions. In fact, the models strutting down catwalks in the years following the Supermodel 90's have been conventionally less "pretty" than their predecessors. Designers and agents began celebrating many different types of beauty. Models with unusual and exotic features (such as the androgynous Kristen McMenamy) started popping up on runways across the world. This served to be encouraging to the masses, as it allowed many more traditional looking women to enter the market and become successful---thus trimming away the notion of the "Supermodel."

"Video Killed the Radio Star"...

In 1979 a song called "Video Killed the Radio Star" was released by a British band called The Buggles. This song explains how the glorious days of radio entertainment were snuffed out by the introduction of television into society. The same concept might apply where supermodels are concerned. With the advent of reality television and major shifts in the entertainment industry, came the ability to become an instant star. Take Elisabeth Hasselbeck for example. The Rhode Island native parlayed her popularity on hit CBS show "Survivor" into a career in television, hopping from the Style Network, over to ABC's daytime show "The View." Though Hasselbeck is primarily known for her outspoken conservative views, her many red carpet appearances prove that the line between the "un-famous" and the infamous is very blurry.

This ideology applies to other genres in the entertainment industry. Becoming an instant celebrity through music or acting often boosts the artist's visibility. Endorsements and promotions often find these singers and actors thrust into modeling engagements. Thus, their increasing fame has ultimately edged out supermodels, as the entertainers are often just as beautiful (and more charismatic) than the models themselves. In a world where the ever-rotating demands of the masses drive the economy, people are finding that room for supermodels is slowly disappearing.

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PC games

Let's face it: PC games are expensive. Not only are the games themselves quite pricey but it can be difficult to afford the hardware upgrades necessary to run the latest releases. I know the pain of shelling out $50 for that game you've been dying to play without carefully reading the required computer specifications only to take it home, install it, and have it run at a horribly low frame rate or not at all. Though freeware games may not have the best graphics or latest features, they're great for the PC gamer a little hard up for cash. The following games are what I consider to be the best free PC games (in no particular order) and what makes them great:

1) Little Fighter 2 - LF2 is one of the best freeware fighting/adventure titles that I have played. The fighting in this game is similar to the combat in Super Smash Bros with lots of items to appearing during the battle. LF2 has many different characters to choose from and has a number of different gaming modes such as tournament mode, single fight mode, multiplayer mode, and a sort of adventure mode that is reminiscent of the Streets of Rage series for Sega genesis. You can find this game here.

2) Jetz Rampage 4: Revenge - Are you a fan of the Grand Theft Auto series? Have you played all of the games in the series and beaten them thoroughly? Well, then you probably won't be that impressed by the Jetz series but the gameplay is similar. As far as freeware titles go, this game stands out among the best. Released by the late freeware game-maker known online as Shawn64, Jetz 4 is a mission based action game where you control a jetpack wearing, gun toting robot. The object of the game is to speak to certain characters and receive fun missions such as picking up and dropping a certain amount of people and sniping targets. The game contains 2 huge (and quite populated) cities to play in as well as many weapons to choose from. In fact, you can even create your own weapons and import them into the game. The game is a bit violent so I can't really recommend it for young children. That being said, you can download this title and begin the mayhem here.

3)Sonic the Hedgehog: Time Attacked - Of all the Sonic the Hedgehog fangames (home-made games based on characters or gameplay of a professional game) out there, this one is the best hands down. Most other Sonic fangames are full of glitches and feel stiff in the sense that the movement engine of the game lacks physics such as acceleration and momentum. In other words when you move forward, you're instantly running at max speed and when you stop, you stop instantly. This is not the case with Sonic: Time Attacked. The gameplay is great; it really feels as if you're playing a genuine Sonic the Hedgehog game made by Sega. The graphics are very good as well, combining 2D and 3D models, with very impressively drawn cutscenes. The bottom line is that if you're a fan of the classic Sonic the Hedgehog games, you should download this game immediately. Find it here.

4) Operation Spacehog - Spacehog is a fairly simple side-scrolling space shooter game. The graphics are nothing fancy and the game's concept isn't original in the least since it's basically a Gradius clone but that doesn't stop it from being a lot of fun to play. You can choose from 1 of 3 ships, collect power-ups which increase your firepower or defensive capabilities, and play either single player mode or multi-player mode. That's about all there is to say about this game; Spacehog follows the stand side-scrolling shooter formula but it does so very well, especially for a freeware game. Download it here.

5) N - Yes, that really is the game's entire name. The fun of this game lies in it's simplicity. You control a small stick figure man through 500 levels where your goal is to collect yellow squares which will open the door to the next level when they are all collected. The catch is you must collect them before your time runs out. You are given a small increase in time for every square you collect. The graphics in this game are simplistic flash graphics that aren't anything special. The physics engine is what makes the game enjoyable. Your little stick man will bounce off walls, accelerate over time, run up curved walls, etc. You can even create and import your own levels. Download the game here and give it a try.