Monday, July 21, 2008


WaMu. The name itself is already nifty. It takes as little as a dollar and an internet connection to get you a Savings Accounts saving account. Sounds simple enough? They offer three different types of saving accounts to suit your unique needs. The simpliest one is the Statement Savings account. No matter how much you have in this account, they will give you the same interest rate at 0.25%. Keeping $300 in your account will save you the $5 monthly charge. It is best suited for keeping your liquad cash flow since you can withdraw or deposit at anytime. If you are like me, busy busy busy, the Online Savings account could be your best choice. Similar to the Statement Savings account, except that all transactions can be done on-line. Again, you may save the $4 monthly charge if you keep a minimum of $300 in your account. Well, if you do have some money you can set aside for a whole year, then like the name of this account Savings for Success, you surely seem to be heading the right direction despite the current economy. The APY for this account is 5%. No wonder it is saving for SUCCESS!

Now, have you picked the one that best suits your financial needs on Savings Accounts ?