Monday, March 9, 2009

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Search for local singles

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Dr. Justin Salerno, of Vacaville, California is becoming a popular doctor because he has the ability to give collagen injections to women in places that some men fail to find. Yes, Dr. Salerno puts the shotNew Procedure Increases Female Sexual Arousal in the G spot.

"It's a form of human collagen we inject into the vaginal tissues where the G-spot is," Salerno said. He's one of the only doctors in the world that offers this special service. Because of this, he's in high demand and can't keep up after being open for only two months.

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The G-shot is what this collagen injection is known by and even has its own website, The procedure involves local anesthesia in the vaginal area, followed by a non-surgical procedure of the collagen injection into the Grafenburg spot. For those of you not in the know, the Grafenburg spot is located behind the pubic bone and is an extremely erogenous zone. It isn't very big and because of its location, the Grafenburg spot (named after Ernst Grafenburg, the German gynecologist that discovered it) can be hard to reach. But once this area is stimulated it leads to sexual arousal and powerful orgasms.

In theory, of course. Some scientists dispute that the spot actually exists and is just an urban myth that has been widely debated by gynecologists since its discovery in the early 50's.

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Regardless, the G-shot increases this typically 2 centimeter-sized area to about the size of a quarter and almost a ¼ inch closer to the vaginal wall, causing faster and longer sexual arousal. The G-shot lasts about 4 months and only takes a physician like Dr. Salerno 30 minutes to perform. There are however, inherent risks. 68 of them, in fact. And there is a lot of recommended care to follow the surgery. But after 4 hours you can resume your normal sex life.

Search for local singles

Does it work? According to one patient who didn't want to be identified, there was a definite increase in her sexual pleasure and number of orgasms. The orgasms came "Way more quickly, and multiple, not just one or two, but four or five, which made it a lot better," she said. New Procedure Increases Female Sexual Arousal

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