Friday, November 28, 2008

Vick Dog

Nigh almost a year ago in this revered space, counsel was dispensed to the esteemed Judge Henry E. Hudson concerning the much-anticipated sentencing due one Michael Vick. The esteemed fumbled.

No less than unanimous accord was given by all three of you who read the opinion, accompanied by such platitudes as, "Wow! You must have slept on top of the mountain to come up with that, J. Dave!"

Unfortunately for many, the Honorable Judge Hudson was not one of you three. Too bad. Hudson missed a golden chance to take such a high-profile case as Vick's and make a real difference by taking the criminal and using him to educate others prone to engage in such despicable social activities. Instead of just throwing Vick in the pokey and tossing the key to thunderous ovation from the likes of the PETA puckerheads, direct the formerly bigger-than-life star to visit schools, hold seminars, visit detention centers and the like - at his expense - it stated here, and tell everyone with ears how he got involved in his contemptible form of entertainment and what he would do differently now that he got caught and was subsequently hosed in ignominy. Hudson blew it.

Now it's Roger Goodell's turn. With Vick's guilty plea on state charges to dogfighting Tuesday in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Vick is set to enjoy a most-befuddling irony: He may become paroled early as a result of his admission.

It's about the only break he's gotten. Maybe.

Because Vick could shuck his state-issued jumpsuit by Mother's Day, the NFL czar known for his no-Pac Man stance on chicanery will weigh in with a decision that could make Vick's Memorial Day anything but memorable. Here's hoping Goodell takes this chance to make a difference - not just an example.

One blather mouth on sports radio this week called for another year's suspension, justifying his stance by saying that Vick has only been punished by the law, not the league. The peacock further elaborated that since it was such a high-profile case, Vick, in essence, needed to be punished more, so as to satisfy the intense scrutiny of the hordes, a.k.a. the disciples of New Age idiotology so dyslexic they spell 'GOD' "D-O-G." In other words, his comments only served to underscore what was the assertion here in my first dissertation on this matter: Vick's sentencing was more about furthering an agenda than it was in righting a wrong.

Whether Goodell suspends Vick another year, or for only the first play of the 2009 season is not the point. Either Vick is repentant by now, or he's not. And regardless of how long of a suspension - if any - Goodell metes, Vick will get his chance to play again. But if Vick can be mandated into working to help educate and thus, possibly eradicate such a loathsome deed as his, rather than forced to only endure more punishment, then there's a much better chance of wiping out the barbaric leisure that dog fighting most certainly is.

That's the point.

The question is whether Goodell will rely on his own wisdom, whether he will succumb to the pressure of those with the agenda, or whether he will stamp a legacy on his tenure as NFL Commissioner by employing an understanding that will make a real difference.

May Goodell have the wisdom of Solomon on this matter, and show mercy on Vick in so doing, should Goodell determine that the former star has some semblance of a contrite heart. Because if he does, Vick's been punished enough. After all, he's still got a life sentence to serve.

800,000 pageviews

I recently met my goal of reaching 1 million page views. I have to admit that I am shocked I met this goal in only 18 months, especially when you consider the fact that I had less than 200k page views less than 9 months ago. A few people have asked how I was able to meet my goal so I thought I would share a few useful tips in this article. Whether you want to increase the page views on your blog or website, these suggestions are sure to help you.

Bookmarking Sites:

Once I was able to keep track of my page views, I started using bookmarking sites. For the most part, I use Propeller and StumbleUpon. Both of these bookmarking sites are easy to use and have several categories. I also sometimes use Digg, but most of my content doesn't really fit into their categories so I don't use Digg very often. The bookmarking sites you should use to increase your page views will depend on the type of content you write. The important thing is to only put your content on sites where your content has a nice fit. This will attract more readers and more readers mean more page views.


Another way I've increased my page views is by writing a weekly newsletter. Since most of content is food-related I chose to start a group at Yahoo Groups. The newsletter is called Content for Foodies and gives a brief description of each article along with a link to that article. I also include other pieces of advice that my readers may find useful, such as websites that deal with the articles that were posted in the newsletter. For example, if I wrote an article on Southern cooking, I may include links to sites where readers could buy cast iron cookware. If you choose to do a newsletter to increase your page views, it's best to choose one category. You can always do more than one newsletter to cover the different topics you write about.


Another way I try to make my work more visible so that I can get more page views is to use a blog. With my blog I sometimes post individual links to articles along with descriptions. Other times, I post my Content for Foodies newsletter on my blog. Either way, my blog does help to bring in more page views.

Proper Placement:
Probably one of the most important things you can do to increase your page views is to make sure your articles get the proper placement on Google. By making sure that your keywords range from 3 to 5% throughout your article, you have a better chance of getting your article on the first page of Google when people search for those keywords. A great example of this was a Harry Potter article I wrote. The keywords were high enough that the article showed up on the first page of Google. When the last Harry Potter book was released people went online and entered the keywords I had used and I received around 60,000 page views for that article in only one month.

Helping Your Fellow Writers:

One of the easiest ways to increase your page views is to seek out fellow writers that write similar content. Read their articles and leave comments. Not only will you learn something new about the topics you enjoy, but the writer may return the favor. I'm not saying you should read content you don't enjoy just to increase your page views. This should be fun and should be articles you enjoy.