Thursday, November 20, 2008

French Kissing

Kissing is one of the best ways to show affection to a loved one. It is great way to start and end the day being kissed passionately. This is also the key in maintaining an intimate relationship. This is why learning how to French kiss is something very important to people who have not experienced it yet.

The French Kiss

There are different kinds of kisses that people will share. There is the kiss on the cheek that is quite common in most communities. People also do the Eskimo kisses. The air kiss is also one way of showing you care to friends.

French kiss is a more intimate gesture. This is something that you can only share with your love one. This is not to be taken lightly. The French kiss happens the moment the mouth of two persons touch, involving some tongue action. The tongue moves in and out of the mouth as the partners share the intimate moment.

It is very important to learn how to French kiss well because it will tell a lot about the sexual compatibility of the partners. It can also make or break a relationship. It is difficult to get kissed again when the French kiss is done very badly. Thus, learning how to French kiss will help a lot.

Learning How to French Kiss

Keep in mind that learning how to French kiss will not come easily if you merely think of how the tongue moves. They say that it is even difficult to practice on this one. However you can keep in mind a few tips that will help you prepare for your real French kiss.

1. Practice Alone
Some people try practicing alone. This will not equip you with the necessary experience. Some even find this embarrassing. However, it can be helpful in preparing yourself for that moment.

2. Ask Your Partner
It is best to ask your partner or love one. Tell him or her that you have not really done this yet. This can be one way for the two of you to explore things together or your partner can lead you throughout. By doing this, you can test the waters without the worries that your partner might think of you as a complete failure.
3. The Element of Love
Keep in mind that the French kiss is a passionate act. You cannot expect to successfully do this unless you feel love and affection to the partner. Sharing a kiss with tongue action requires giving yourself up to a certain extent. Your partner will be able to tell on how much you can give through the kiss. Thus, do not expect to learn how to French kiss easily if you or your partner do not feel any love chemistry.

4. Read Each Other
Learning how to French kiss also involves some rhythm and synchrony. You and your partner have to read each other as you kiss. This means reading the body language to know what to do. For example, you cannot constantly do the tongue action. You have to feel if your partner wants to kiss your lips, then you stick with that. Once he or she moves closer then you can read this as a desire to share a French kiss.

5. Relax and Enjoy
Finally, you have to relax and enjoy this intimate moment. You might be scared on how you will do on your French kiss. However, you cannot keep thinking of such things or else you might hold back. You have to be comfortable to be able to give a good kiss. Just go with the flow of your feelings and desire.

Learning how to French kiss is an art. It is a good thing to learn as you share this passionate moment with your love one. Nothing compares to having that perfect French kiss.

Online earning experiences

I'm always interested in deals online where you can earn cash. When I saw on discussions boards a place to earn free phone call minutes and cash just for signing up for free offers, I figured I'd try it out. Another suggested website was where you can submit tips to earn money. The first offer I signed up for was for free calls. is a website that claims you can earn free minutes by simply joining for a newsletter, giving a zip code or answering s survey. Sounds pretty easy. You simply register with your name, e-mail and password. Then you are given an e-mail by phone hog explaining your membership details. The next e-mail is a newsletter with deals to entice. For example if you only enter your zip code, they offer you 7 free minutes.

I signed up for the Coca Cola rewards deal. You sign up for their newsletter and phone hog will credit your account with 24 free minutes. With the Coke rewards program you can enter the code from the cap of special marked bottles and possible win free stuff. Phone hog says on it's website to wait one business day for your account to be credited. It's been over seven now and I still have no minutes added to my account. But I have the Coca Cola membership from the website sitting in my inbox.

I also signed up for a free couple for heartburn medication. The website claims you can get a free trial of their product if you answer a few questions regarding your heartburn needs. The website itself was easy enough to negative through. I waited and checked my phone hog account daily to see if they had credited me with 25 free phone minutes.

As each day went by I ended up getting the usually e-mail newsletter telling about offers to earn free minutes but never once an e-mail that I had minutes. But I did receive one thing from phone hog, a lot of spam! More then one time a day I would receive newsletters claiming on more minutes from partners. I decided to unsubscribe from their website. They have three options on their subscribing page. One is to stay with the newsletters, have less e-mail sent or three have all newsletters stopped. I voted for the unsubscribing completely. This is one website that I won't be continuing with.
Another website I checked out was Here you sign up for offers and they pay you in cash via paypal. I signed up for two newsletters and was suppose to earn $4.00. I was excited because I had heard from another person they pay promptly the next day. I waited and checked on my account with the e-mail they send you. Every day now it always says the same thing, they need to make sure you have signed up with their advertisers. Daily I receive from the two offers I signed up for, spam. Several e-mails about signing up for more items. I'm still wondering where are my earnings.

What I've learned from both of these websites is to be more careful when signing up. It's a good idea to check reviews and hear if others have had spamming experiences. You can check out both websites for yourself and see if you have a different experience. Luckily under the newsletters is a unsubscribing link.

Daytripper was a more pleasant experience. When you register you give your name, account name, password, address and how you would prefer to be paid if your work is published. They offer payment by check, paypal or a donation to charity. After signing up you can start submitting a tip for possible publication. It can be about anything. Keep in mind that submitting a tip doesn't mean it will be published. In a few days you'll receive an e-mail regarding if your tip will be published. Publishing/payment times vary from weeks to even months so prepare to be patient.