Thursday, November 27, 2008

Panties or thongs

Today I want to visit the age old question involving panties, yes panties. It may not be age old, but ever since I dawned the age of 13 this has been a subliminal issue for me, and I'm sure, many of you. Panties is a very vague subject. I understand, so just bear with me fellas and ladies.

As I became a teenager, I encountered many road blocks and check points in my appearance, emotions, and probably most of all, my sex drive. Almost immediately girls when from coodie infested colleagues to objects of affection for me and all the boys around my age. These changes brought about many conquests and tribulations that I look back on today and smile to myself. Then there are many other things that I think back on today and wonder what the hell I was thinking? They range from curious innocence, such as, my father catching me smooching the underwear models in the JCPenny magazine, to the mother of all embarrassment, the dreaded, "witnessed whacking." For those of you that don't understand this phrase, allow me to explain using euphemisms as much as possible in the shortest description possible. This occurs when an elder in your life catches you pleasing yourself. The fact that no excuse can be used in a time like that just adds to its severity. The good thing about the situation is that it is somewhat expected. We were all teenagers at a time which makes it easy to understand events such as these.
I am now 21, and as a 21 year old I feel I have much experience in what I want to address today. A common discussion I encounter within my group of friends is, what is sexier? The thong or the booty shorts? Although it bears little importance, the topic is widely discussed. There are alot of men out there that see the thong as the epitome of sexiness. It can not be denied that a woman in a thong is a very intriguing sight, but is that as good as it gets? There are many different types of men out there. You have your typical skin hound that seem to have a radar for the woman whose shirt forgot to cover what it's supposed to or pants that play peek-a-boo between the butt cheeks and us observers. These are the men I associate with being fans of the thong. The more skin the better would be their motto.

On the other hand we have our more artistic individual. First, I would like to clear up any questions you were all wondering when I dropped the word, "artist." This does not apply to all artists so don't take it the wrong way please, but by being an artist, you have a keen imagination. Artists love to use their imagination, which makes them perfect candidates for supporting the booty shorts revolution. Booty shorts show the curves of a woman without giving it entirely away and there are many men out there that prefer it that way. Women, by leaving your body a little more undiscovered, you can turn up the heat by a noticeable percentage. In comparison, if you were in Egypt and stumbled upon an undiscovered tomb, what would you do? If you haven't already dove in yourself, you will most certainly wonder, with passion, what is in that tomb? We, much like the curiosity you would feel in that situation, men are excited by the temptation of wanting to know what treasure will be uncovered when those booty shorts come off.

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