Thursday, July 17, 2008

There is an agent for just about any business in the world now. Like a realty agent for buying houses, Credit Cards is an agent linking you to the credit card that meets your expectations. There is a card for just about any condition. Travel card, gas card, low APR card, bad credit card, prepaid debit card, business credit card, student credit card, you name it, they have it. Once you identify your preference, you can email their customer service and they can guide you to the right card. Since I am not really looking for another credit card, I was more interested in the informational pieces they have on their site. The credit card myth debunker page was definitely worth a read. I just found out having a high credit line may not be a good thing! I also learned what trailing interest is which I was charged before without knowing such a sneaky practice has been around. With gas prices so high now I bet everyone would want to have a 5% cash back on your gas purchases. Credit Cards features Discover Platinum gas card on their site which seems most appropriate especially this summer season. The only drawback is that I don't see a phone number I can call let alone a 1-800 number.