Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Volvo XC90

 I had been eyeing the Volvo XC90 for years. I do like the new XC90. It is so much more roomier than the S60. Since I only have one child it is perfect. It comes with a 3rd row but I don't need it yet so it does have the option of putting it down. It is great because it lays flat. I looked at the new Lexus SUV and their 3rd doesn't lay flat. I thought that was horrible. What a waste of space or should I say lack there of. The Acura MDX has the 3rd row that folds down but I felt that that SUV looked way too much like a minivan which I definitly not my taste. Also the Acura MDX was way more expensive than the Volvo XC90.

gas mileage is ok. But then again it is an SUV and the gas prices are ridiculous right now. I do a lot of commuting to work and I usually fill up the tank one to two times a week for about $45 a pop. The S60 definitely got much better gas mileage than this one. I would say it gets about 18 mph on the highway and a little less on side roads. I noticed that in the summer I would get worse gas mileage than I do now that I am back to work. Definitly better to use on longer car rides.

One complaint that I do have about the XC90 is that the pickup isn't that great. The S60 had Turbo which was wonderful. It should jump on the highway and it took nothing to merge on. The XC90 doesn't come with Turbo (from what I know). So getting on the highway isn't so easy. It takes a lot of foot power to merge on. The SUV is very heavy so that is half the problem. It does come with AWD (All Wheel Drive) which is wonderful. I once owned a Toyota Celica that had rear wheel drive. AWFUL!!!!! I could never get out of my parking spot when it snowed. The wheels would just keep spinning. Stay away from rear wheel. drive. Front wheel, 4 wheel, and all wheel are really the best (IMO).

I think one of my favorite things about the
car is the choice of colors. I like the burgundy/maroon one with black leather interior. It is gorgeous and easy to clean. I also like the light/mint green with a beige leather interior as well. In all the XC90 is a stylish vehicle that comes with a sophisticated look and the room for a small family.

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