Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Positions I like to try

In this article I discuss several sexual positions from the Indian lovemaking style called the Kama-Sutra. Including pros and cons and play by play analysis. Sex is a wonderful thing and with these varied positions you can add new vigor to an otherwise dull sex life.

Missionary Position: The woman lays on her back with her legs spread, the man lays down on her. He can also support himself above her with his hands. This is the most well known position. Well liked by beginners and experts. Several pillows under the woman's buttocks offers deeper penetration by changing the angle of her pelvis. The position is comfortable and natural for both partners. It lets the man move more freely and the couple can easily gaze at each other and kiss. The woman, who has limited range of motion might grow tired from her partners weight. This position can easily go into many other positions that we will discuss later.

Pillar Position: The two partners kneel facing each other. The woman opens her thighs. The man draws her near him so she sits on his thighs, and guides his penis to her vagina. The man sits straight and takes his partner in his arms. This union is very intimate, it allows the couple to kiss and caress each other in a mutually comfortable position. Stimulation is limited, and penetration isn't very deep. But the intensity of the caresses makes for a very sensual experience.

Goddess Position: The man sits, keeping his chest straight. The woman sits on his penis, and wraps her legs around him. She can ungulate her pelvis supported by her partners hands on her hips. This union is very intimate, penetration is rather deep. It allows a great deal of intimacy by letting the couple kiss and the man caresses his partner at length. Since stimulation is rather limited for the man, this position is recommended for those who suffer from premature ejaculation.
Mill Position: The man lays on his back, the woman squats or kneels above him to be penetrated. She then uses his penis as an axis she can spin around. The woman shifts her two legs to the right of her partners chest and starts to pivot. The woman finds herself reversed with her back to her partner. She then continues to return to the original position facing her partner. One of the few cons to this position is slippage of the penis.

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