Wednesday, July 16, 2008


What's up with all these "lead-on" websites? Forex is another one that is supposed to educate you (about trading) but hidden under all those external links on the site are links that lead you to Forex trading sites. I have never heard of Forex trading until now but it seems like a popular trade. As someone who has visited Asia twice in the last half year, I would love to have traded more foreign currencies with US dollars. Honestly, I was told that trading foreign currencies involves quite a bit of risk. Maybe that is when traders have to do a lot of research before getting into the real deal. On this site, I noticed many educational-focused articles regarding Forex trading, the few featured are "Charting a course in Forex," "Advantages of Forex Currency Correlations," and "Protecting yourself from Forex Scams." I believe the last article is definitely worth reading with so many tech-savvy criminals out there on the internet. On the flip side, the site basically reads like a total blast of advertisments. Nothing appealing for an average reader like me. Nonetheless, if you are serious about Forex trading, go visit Forex You might find it worth your time.


NY/ IT Consulting obviously operates in and for NY area. As stated, their mission is to deliver "solid, business-driven IT solutions and services and superior customer service to the SMB market in Boston and New York." If you own a small business in New York and Boston area, it is probably worth your time browsing around the services they offer. It highly promotes the idea of out-sourcing your IT department instead of operating one within your business. NY IT Consulting stresses the customization of their services to provide the best match between your business and your infrastructure. Their trademarked slogan, "technology to fit your business" says it all. They also feature on their website some of their clients' case studies as testimonies for their good services. From the appeal of the website, it seems to measure up to its claims. They even provide 24/7 customer service line for their clients which is always a plus in this world that never rests. The only thing that gets to me about this website is that their emphasis on "outsourcing" reminds me of outsourced customer service representatives of some mega mobile phone companies who cannot even speak English right or disguised their names as "Steve" or "Jenny."