Tuesday, November 11, 2008


A turkey is a big, domesticated bird that is native to North America. It has white plumage and a bare neck and head with a wattle on it. The turkey’s feathers are brown with some color on its tail and the tips of its wings.

The name turkey was given to this bird because it was thought to have originated in Turkey. This is not true though. The wild turkey is actually a staple food in the
diet of most North Americans. Quite a few of these domesticated turkeys were actually brought to North America by the Pilgrims in 1620. After their arrival the Wampanog Indian tribe introduced the wild turkey to the Pilgrims. Then in 1621 the Pilgrims celebrated their first Thanksgiving with the Wampanog Indian tribe. In fact, the Wampanog Indians were the Pilgrims guests of honor at this dinner. While there is no hard evidence, it is believed that turkey was eaten at this celebration. In 1863 Thanksgiving finally became an official holiday. President Abraham Lincoln made this proclamation. From that point on Thanksgiving has been celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November.

Turkey has always been associated with Thanksgiving. In fact, turkey is actually a very important part of the Thanksgiving dinner menu. This is why Thanksgiving Day has also been called “turkey day.” Generally a turkey weighs between 25 – 35 pounds. They can be purchased fresh or frozen. Their skin is smooth, soft and creamy. They should not have any bruises or cuts on them. Once you purchase your turkey you should not store it for any more than two days. This is true regardless as to whether you are storing it in the refrigerator or freezer. Before you store your turkey you also need to remove the giblets and store them separately.
Like other poultry products, bacteria can affect turkey. For this reason, the area in which you are cooking the turkey should be very clean. You also need to make sure that you properly wash and cook your turkey. If you are going to stuff your turkey you should do so right before it is baked. When the internal temperature of the turkey reaches at least 180 degrees F, you can be sure that the turkey is fully cooked. In order to check the turkey’s temperature you are going to need to use an internal meat thermometer.

There are numerous ways in which you can prepare your turkey for Thanksgiving Day. Some of the favorite ways in which to prepare turkey include:
· Turkey breast Diane
· Garlic roasted turkey
· Seasoned turkey with rice pilaf
· Turkey scaloppini

Some things that you can do with your leftover turkey include making:
· Grilled turkey brat hoagies
· Stir fried turkey with walnuts and cashews
· Turkey pizza
· Turkey sandwiches
· Turkey chili
· Turkey enchiladas
· Ginger lime turkey strips
· Turkey lasagna
· Turkey parmesan

Now that you know where your turkey comes from and how to properly prepare it, go enjoy your turkey and have a happy Thanksgiving.

What I want

Are you a man who is tired of dating the wrong woman? Do you find yourself asking the same question over and over again . . . "Where are the good women?" If so, I might be able to offer some enlightenment . As a woman of decent morals, recently separated and imparting on a new career in journalism, what better an opportunity than now for me to express what good women want and find attractive in men.

Simply stated, a good woman wants her counterpart to be a good man. A man who demonstrates decent moral values and one who demonstrates equally impressive manners is very attractive to the good woman. While looks are important, it is not uncommon for a woman to accept less than attractive appearance in lieu of the latter. Think of how many times you see a simple looking man with a gorgeous woman as his escort. You wonder to yourself, are they for real? In some cases no, but in many other cases, yes they are for real.

A good woman is a caregiver and will put the well being of her lover before herself. She expects only respect in return. The good woman needs to see by means of her man's actions that he finds her very important. He can show her this by paying attention to her in relations both sexual and social. Although you may be a fantastic lover, if you don't equal your exhibitions in bed with genuine friendship and understanding she may become insecure about the relationship.

If you pay attention to a good woman, mirror her attributes, and help compensate for her weaknesses, you should find her very much attracted and devoted to you both physically and emotionally. Women are fragile when it comes to the imbalance of the physical and emotional care, and most require this balance in order to feel good about themselves and their relationship with their man.

A good woman has a very loving heart. She wants to trust a man with her innermost thoughts and feelings. She wants a simple relationship with communication playing a vital role in the sustainability of this relationship. Communication should be as direct and uncomplicated as possible.
Although men often describe women as complex this is a common mischaracterization when it comes to defining the good women. Good women are good listeners and good communicators. If a man is truly looking for a good woman and can equal her in personality and morals, a match is not difficult to come by. Keeping the above stated in mind, a man should be able to easily pick a good woman out of the crowd with as little as a brief conversation. The following is what the man should ask himself after such an encounter.

1. Is she nice and respectful?

2. Does she demonstrate manners and common courtesy?

3. Does she demonstrate a genuine interest in me?

4. Does she appear comfortable and self confident, yet not arrogant?

If he can answer yes to all four questions, then chances are she is a good woman. Further encounters will help him identify whether or not she is the right woman for him. However, if he finds that she is more interested in her opinions and concerned with herself than him, he needs to recognize that she does not meet the criteria of a good woman. She will always look out for her interests above his. A truly good relationship between man and woman flourishes with characteristics of selflessness, respect, love and honor. Each of these characteristics is shared and spent on one another.