Monday, December 1, 2008

Lingerie is a French term for "linen washables." Before cotton was more accessible in Europe, underwear was crafted out of linen. Today, lingerie refers to women's undergarments that are stylish and sexy. You will find exotic lingerie made out of silk, lace, nylon, satin, polyester and Lycra in differing combinations depending on the article of clothing.

Sheer lingerie offers an appealing option for those who might not want to sleep in the nude yet wish to have the lightest clothing as possible next to their skin. Sheer and sexy lingerie in many alluring styles, such as a baby doll short nightgown all the way to a full peignoir or negligee, is available.

Exotic lingerie, even what some might call trashy lingerie, is also ready for your selection for the full-figured woman. Plus size lingerie is available in form-fitting brassieres and panties, bustiers and camisoles, teddies and tap pants. Plus size lingerie makes a beautiful statement in the boudoir.

If it is a touch of fantasy that you are looking for, sexy lingerie is available to fill that need. You can find sheer lingerie outfits designed for the French maid, naughty schoolgirl, cop, hot maid, ballerina, nurse, angel, pirate, waitress, belly dancer, biker, dancer, farmer's daughter, flamenco dancer, genie, cat, race car driver, rodeo girl, firefighter, taxi driver, cheerleader, witch, harem girl, mermaid, referee, sailor, baseball player and many other fantasy looks. Many come in a trashy lingerie style that is sure to please your partner. Others offer a subtly seductive aura that many will find appealing.

Some sexy lingerie is meant to be seen outside your outer clothing. A sheer or low cut blouse calls out for a touch of lace showing from a sexy undergarment worn beneath.

Exotic lingerie can also double as beautiful sexy nightclub wear. Imagine yourself in a stretch velvet dress that flatters your curves as it makes a statement on the dance floor. Halter-style and V-neck dresses are also a great look for full figures.

Sheer lingerie is wonderfully complemented by beautiful jewelery to draw the eye to your neckline and face. Necklaces that dangle and drape add a touch of sparkle to your neckline and are sure to attract attention. Earrings in a tear-drop shape flatter many hairstyles, and dangle earrings add a sexy touch not only to lingerie fashions but can also be worn with other clothing styles to beautiful effect. Rhinestone bracelets can come in single, double, or multiple rows, and add sparkle and shine when you are under lights out on the dance floor. They can also be worn around the ankles to draw focus to your high heels and legs.

Lingerie can stand on its own or be worn with other clothing to make you feel wonderful every day and night this summer!